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This is bye bye for me...

Well, the community has clearly been inactive for months now, if not almost a year. I really feel like I owe you an apology, to be honest life's just been crazy this year and it took me quite a bit to get my game going again, I'm still trying actually.

But this time I'll try a different venue. I feel the need for a fresh start and I think that, while this comm has given me a lot of joys, is no longer the right place to post.

So those who would like to join me, please friend thedailyexcuse. The others, I'll just say it's been a pleasure and I wish you all the best!

I hope to see you around the new comm!

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Hi guys, it's lau_marshmallow here, with new user name.
I wanted to let you know that I'm leaving icomatic . I made that choice quite a while ago and I'm sorry you find out just now. It's been wonderful to be here, really. I met awesome people and even though I didn't post very often I always loved the community. I've come to this decision because I don't feel as interested in icon making as I felt before. I still like it and all but I feel like I got stuck (stopped improving) and couldn't find inspiration. It's not fair to the rest of the makers that I stay here posting like once a month or less, or expect them to post often to keep the community active. So i'm moving to my own community, it will be just me and I will post only when I make decent inspired icons. I will also post music, picspams and other fun stuff. If you're interested my new comm is blueburns , there's a post already.
I've talked about this with the rest of the makers and i'm giving this comm to alieneatplastic  if she still wants it. I think _puchula_  will own it as well, I don't know. It's really up to them. If no one wants the community (i only offer it to the makers) I will NOT delete it. It will stay open for you to come find whatever you want to find.

If you took something I made please credit like this:
ohhepburns @ blueburns
or whatever you like
lau_marshmallow @ icomatic

Thank you for all your lovely comments and just for being here. It's been fun.
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battlestar + dollhouse

Hi guys! I'm posting just to keep the community alive! :/
I've made some icons of Battlestar Galactica (srsly, it is THE BEST SHOW EVER. I'll miss it :( ) and Dollhouse (Okaaay, so it's not the way we expected it to be, but it's getting better. Give it a chance. WATCH DOLLHOUSE. )
After this little advertising (watch it on hulu.com or fox.com ) hehehehe, hope you like these icons ;)

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- Please, credit alieneatplastic if you take
- Comments are love.
- Do NOT hotlink
- FRIEND this community
DW // Burnt a Sun

icon battle!

After, what?... Almost six months?! Here you have me, posting again. I've been awful, I know, my one and only excuse was that life really caught up with me and by the time I realized, well... here were are. Let's just hope this is a sign that I'll be posting more often again.

Anyway, this is something we had planned to do for our Aniversary Month, six months ago. Clearly we didn't do it in time, or more like I didn't do it in time. But, people says it's better late than never, right? So now, without further addo, I proudly introduce...

lau_marshmallow vs _puchula_

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finally a batch!

Hi guys. I'm sorry I haven't posted since quite a while, a lot has been going on in my life and besides that, I'm lacking inspiration. You know that you can always spam me with pictures. I promess I'll try to post more often, that if I can find some good pics or at least a tiny bit of inspiration.

+ Comment if taking. Suggestions welcome.
+ Credit if using. Credit icons with my user name as the picture comment:
+ No hotlinking.
+ Don't modify or use as bases.
+ No posting outside live journal or claiming as yours.
+ Nominations = Love. Let me know.

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